In May this year I met a professional MMA fighter Karl Stahl from Bochum, Germany. He took me with him to Bremen, where the fighting event "Rumble in The Cage" took place. Concentration, aggression, effective tactics and luck, the euphoria of victory and sadness of defeat, pain and challenge, sweat and blood all of which are the companions of this sport. I was happy to be there not only because sport is fun to photograph, but also because I love martial arts.

Rumble in The Cage in the Pier2

Kevin Burmester

Niklas Stolze

Lukas Vesely

Lukas Vesely vs. Koray Cengiz

Rumble In The Cage - Photo by Yuriy Ogarkov-014.JPG

Utku Sahin vs. Hakan Bozkurt

Rumble In The Cage - Photo by Yuriy Ogarkov-017.JPG

Johannes Michalik


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