There is not much a photographer can do without a team. Surround yourself with creative people from other fields and collaborate to create beauty and test the new horizons. I believe it is one of the formulas for the transition from just good images to great images.

”Blancanegra” is a collaboration between me and stylist Viktoriia Kulakevych. It is our third collaboration and I can surely tell that every time we work together - magic happens. As a stylist you have to have a good taste, know the trends in fashion, to have knowledge about the tissue, understand about clothes design and sewing, and even know a little bit about photography - and Viktoriia has all of this. Photography is a lot about organization. You can go in a few directions. Starting from the clothes, or from the model or from the location. In this shooting we have have developed our visual ideas from the model Ricardo Mochet, then came the clothes and the environment.

I love to work with stylists because two people can create broader ideas and, in my opinion, team work is always more fun.




Photographs: Yuriy Ogarkov
Styling: Viktoriia Kulakevych
Model: Ricardo Mochet


© Yuriy Ogarkov
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