Remon Taal is a client of mine with whom we did two sport sessions in Barcelona. Remon is a Dutch sports personal trainer living in Madrid. He is a great client to work with - very collaborative, has a vision of his brand and is willing to go an extra mile. When you have a good plan the shooting goes much faster and more productive in contrast when you don't have a plan and improvise on the location. Before the shooting we communicated a lot to find the best solutions, clothes, locations, logistic, scenes, so that when Remon makes his short trip from Madrid to Barcelona we knew what to do. In two sessions each four-five hours we managed to create around 60 images with around 20 looks and different scenes. While photographing it was important for me to think that those images will be used in different formats. So I had to take into consideration how the images can be cropped in the future and where I should leave space for text or logo. Those images gave Remon the material to promote his coaching brand Madrid Performance via social networks during a long period of time and also for completing his model sed card. As the result Remon's Instagram increased almost by 1500 organic followers in less than a month and his application was accepted by at least two big model agencies.


Photographs: Yuriy Ogarkov
Assistant: Eugen Onegin
Huge thanks to xFit for the location!



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