Yesterday I and a couple of friends went to the mountain Montseny. Montseny is a mountain range located in Catalunya, Spain, about 70km North from Barcelona. The highest point is Turó de l'Home 1712 m above sea level.

Before you get to the top of the mountain, you have to walk through the dense forest that is mostly dominated by evergreen oaks, cork oaks, alders and pines. Suddenly, through the branches of conifer trees, you see the peak of Turó de l'Home. A few more meters and you are at the top. A huge panorama view opens and paralyzes you with its eternal beauty...


The Les Agudes peak 1703 m

Yuriy Ogarkov Blog Montseny-007.JPG
Yuriy Ogarkov Blog Montseny-008.JPG
Yuriy Ogarkov Blog Montseny-010.JPG
Meteorological Observatory at the top of the Turó de l'Home

Meteorological Observatory at the top of the Turó de l'Home

Montseny Panorama (click to enlarge)

Yuriy Ogarkov Blog Montseny Forest-016.JPG
Yuriy Ogarkov Blog Montseny Forest-019.JPG

Montseny Panorama
The same view under different light conditions (click to enlarge)



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