Mountain Montserrat (1236m) is a part of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. Its huge ridge on the top looks like a jaw with tusks. Montserrat is a conglomerate of the sedimentary rocks, that emerged from the Ebro Basin in the Eocene Epoch (around 50 million years ago). The mountain situated 50km from Barcelona and is an attractive place for tourists, mountain climbers and pilgrims, because of Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery, that was built in the XI century.

It was my second time on Montserrat. I was lucky, because as I was on the top of the mountain the weather has suddenly changed into bad weather. Usually bad weather means good images for a photographer…


Abbey of Montserrat

Ermita de Sant Joan

Ermita de Sant Joan

Creu de Sant Miquel

Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery

The view from Montserrat

Montserrat at the dusk


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